Water Pumps & Pipes in Australia

A Pump Station is the backbone of any irrigation project. Otech Irrigation will design and size your pump/s to best suit your application, matching the flow rate and pressure required to operate your Centre Pivot, Lateral Move or Hard Hose irrigator. We supply Caprari pumps, which are known as the best agricultural European pump brand, and spare parts are widely available in Australia.

We professionally design, supply and install PVC and/or Polypropylene (HDPE) pipeline to feed your irrigation system. We take into consideration the friction rate, water velocity and the elevation of the field to run the irrigation system as efficiently as possible, keeping the pressure requirements and operating costs low.

Agricultural Irrigation Pump

With fast depleting water resources, agriculture as a profession has become challenging. Otech Irrigation provides sustainable solutions for your needs through our customised agricultural irrigation pump system, which ensures your needs are met with total ease. Our Centre Pivot irrigation system is ideal for covering a large area without wasting that precious groundwater.

Our engineers will work with you to figure your requirements and develop your irrigation system that keeps a check on water pressure & flow rate, ensures even distribution and reduce energy costs. With 30 years of experience in producing irrigation systems, Otech Irrigation understands the requirements of modern farmers, and our solutions are created with that in mind.

The irrigation systems produced at Otech Irrigation are ISO certified and will provide efficient service for many years. Our trusted manufacturing process uses high tensile steel to make sure the products can handle all the rigours of farming. At the same time, our electrical systems are robust to withstand the harsh temperatures of the Australian summer.

Pump Systems for Today’s Agricultural Irrigation

As a farmer in Australia, conserving water resources should be your top priority, and Otech Irrigation will help you in your efforts. With our ultra-modern yet durable pumping systems, you can rest assured about the efficient irrigation of your crops with the help of well researched techniques.

Otech Irrigation also takes care of the network of pipelines that feed your irrigation system. We undertake the crucial aspect of designing and supplying best quality pipes that ensure your crops always get the required irrigation, at the right time.

Our thoroughly researched products are created, keeping in mind efficiency and cost management. With our irrigation systems and water pumps in Australia, farmers can enjoy the best yield from their crops and receive optimum returns on their investment. Feel free to discuss your requirements with our experts today.