Otech’s experience with corrosive water for the past 30 years has pushed the research and development team to select one of the most effective solutions on the market.Plascoat is an anti-corrosion solution for your Otech Centre Pivot or Lateral Move spans, and water conducting components, resistant to the harshest water. Plascoat is a superior alternative to traditional protection methods used in the irrigation industry, such as poly-lining or epoxy coating. dsc01779

Plascoat is a polymer based coating solution developed over 40 years ago by the French gas and petroleum company Total. The Plascoat PPA571 coating features a remarkable resistance to corrosion, and has been successfully used in the water industry for transporting salt water, waste water, and chemically contaminated water.

The Otech Plascoat protected spans not only have a high resistance to corrosion, but have been tested with an abrasion resistance stronger than the highest grade of stainless steel. Every component of the Otech Centre Pivot or Lateral Move in contact with water is protected with Plascoat, including the pivot point pipe, the tower pipe and the overhang pipe, and these components would not be protected with a standard poly-lined product.

Print The Otech Plascoat Centre Pivot or Lateral Moves are an ideal solution for waste water reclaim projects for community, industrial or agriculture.

The anti-corrosion properties of the Plascoat guarantee a long life of your Otech irrigator. Otech manufacturer’s warranty for the Plascoat span is unconditional for 10 years.

The smooth surface, free of permeations, reduces the friction lost through your span pipes, therefore reduces your pumping running cost. It also eliminates the build up of organic or non-organic materials.

For more information, follow the link to the Plascoat Website