Dositech Controller

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The concept behind the Dositech is to have position and sectoral control of your Centre Pivot or Lateral Move, and/or manage multiple machines from the one program. In 1998, Otech developed the Dositech Controller allowing growers to access the data and settings of irrigators from in the field or remotely from a desktop or laptop computer, and is now available for a tablet or smart phone.

The Dositech has multiple functions to help the grower to segment a Centre Pivot paddock from 0 to 360 degrees, or for a Lateral Move from the start to the end position in metres. When several crops are irrigated at the same time by the one Centre Pivot or Lateral Move, the Dositech allows growers to set multiple application rates for the same machine.Other options that can be programmed are the end gun or another auxiliary on/off function, stop-in-line, fertigation pump control and a time table operation.

When one farm owns several Centre Pivots and/or Lateral Move irrigators, over the one or several properties, a lot of time can be wasted checking and setting each and every machine. The Dositech web based program can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. With a personalised
security login password, it is possible to view a single machine, or a whole fleet, to take control of any setting. In addition and for peace of mind, the Dositech can send an SMS (up to 3 mobile phone numbers) to inform the grower of any change of sector, stop, or any alarm that may trigger.