Pivoting Lateral


The Otech Pivoting Lateral was a pioneer in this field, and is the friendliest to use on the market. The design and control of the Pivoting Lateral allows for an automatic 180 degree rotation of the spans without any operator assistance. Once the rotation is completed, either internal or external rotation, the Pivoting Lateral will resume and carry on irrigation in lateral mode automatically. There is no wonder why it is the number 1 selling pivoting lateral in Europe.

The spans of the Pivoting Lateral can rotate internally on both ends of the paddock, rotate externally on both ends of the paddock, or one internal and one external rotation on either end of the paddock. In the case of external rotation, the sprinker package is controlled by a set of electrovalves while in pivot mode, maintaining perfect water uniformity. For an internal rotation, the sprinklers are automatically turned off until lateral mode resumes.


The Pivoting Lateral can be up to 600m in width, powered either by a power lead or by an onboard generator set, and the water can be delivered to the cart by a drag hose or channel feed (up to 10 meg/day).

A Pivoting Lateral with two external rotations is always driving on dry ground, unlike a standard back and forth lateral, and covers more ground than two Centre Pivots side by side. The capital investment cost is therefore lower, as the amount of spans is halved.

To set and change the travelling direction of the Pivoting Lateral cart is easy and effortless. This operation only takes 5 minutes, is electric driven and assisted by a remote control. The cart can do a complete 360 degree rotation on itself, so you can orientate the lateral in any direction.

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