2 and 4 Wheel Laterals

Otech 2 Wheel and 4 Wheel Lateral systems are capable to efficiently irrigate up to 98% of a rectangular paddock. Operation is very simple as the cart travels back and forth along the same tracking line. The Otech 2 Wheel Lateral and 4 Wheel Lateral can be powered either by an armed drag power lead, with a connection point at each hydrant, or by an onboard generator set.

Otech 2 Wheel Laterals are predominatly used for smaller paddocks up to 300m in width. Their capacity to drag a larger and longer hose is limited; therefore the 4 Wheel Lateral is a more appropriate option for larger paddocks.

Otech 4 Wheel Laterals are suited for paddocks up to 600m in width. Another advantage of the 4 Wheel Lateral is that it can be centre fed, maximising the irrigation capability of one machine up to 1100m width (550m either side of the cart). The towing capacity is enhanced by the 4 wheel traction drive, permitting the use of a larger and longer drag hose.

2rm1 4rm1-hose 2rm1