Lateral Move Irrigation Australia

Otech was the first to innovate the Lateral Move to find solutions for all shapes and sizes of paddocks. The Lateral Move is best known for what the name suggests; lateral moving. However, in 1976 Otech’s engineers began to investigate different options, resulting in a Lateral Move that can pivot, follow curves and change direction. Otech has developed a new concept for the Lateral Move, no longer just travelling back and forth, but more versatile than ever making it a cost effective solution to maximise coverage with a minimum number of spans.

Employing the same quality span structure utilised for the Otech Centre Pivot, the Otech Lateral Moves are sturdy and strong, and can be used on slightly undulating ground.

The Otech Lateral Move guidance control, is sensitive and accurate which in turn maintains the tracking of the Lateral Move perfectly. Otech offers 3 types of guidance systems:

furrow guidance-par-cable ug-guidance
Furrow system – very efficient and cost effective, well suited for a small Lateral Move and pivoting lateral. Above ground cable system. Buried ground system – great for both small and large Lateral Moves as components would otherwise be exposed to traffic, stock or wildlife.

The Otech Lateral Move can be fed by a drag hose connected to a hydrant, or via a channel feed system.

otech-4rmve-hose-feed The drag hose can be a lay flat or polyethylene hose, and can vary in diameter from 3″ (up to 435m length) to 8″ (up 140m length) depending on the flow rate. The Otech drag hose cart connection system has been designed for maximum efficiency and to minimise labour. It swivels around 180 degrees performing an automatic back to front hose change, saving operator intervention.
The channel feed system is a labour and energy saver; no hose shift, and minimum operation pressure (no friction loss through drag hose and underground mainline. This solution is well suited for a high flow Lateral Move when the grade of the paddock is relatively level allowing the construction of an open air channel.

Committed to finding solutions for the Australian market, Otech’s R&D has designed and engineered a very functional and reliable channel feed Lateral Move cart; either end feed or centre feed for a Lateral Move or Pivoting Lateral.


Otech has developed a comprehensive range of Lateral Move carts to suit any application, starting from a single span unit to a large 20 span unit in excess of 1000m width:

2rm1 4rm1d-channel-2 4rmve1
2 Wheel Lateral Cart Channel Feed Lateral Cart Pivoting Lateral Cart

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