Centre Pivot

Otech originates from the south-west of France, where trying conditions will test any machine, and which has highly influenced the Otech Centre Pivot design to guarantee operation reliability and long life – making it a sure investment.

Due  to the coastal environment, it  was  a  priority  for  Otech  to  select a  hard  wearing  steel  for   the   spans,   capable   of  withstanding  the sand abrasion channelled  by  the  water.  High tensile  steel with a high carbon   content  provides  hardness,  and  ensures   a  longer  life  than mild  steel which   is  commonly  used  in  the  industry.   The   structure has  been  designed  to  withstand high winds of  up  to 140km/h, and to operate on undulating terrain up to 20 degrees elevation from one tower
to the next.
The  Otech  Electric  Drive  Centre  Pivot  is  proven to  be  more cost effective to run  than an oil hydraulic driven alternative, and also more respectful to the environment avoiding serious oil leaks or spills in the middle of a paddock.
pipe-diametre Otech span pipes are  available in  a multitude of  lengths ranging from 32  to  62 metres.

With  a  range  of   5  different  span  pipe  diameters (from  5″  to 10″),  Otech Centre Pivots are professionally custom designed for each application to be a  low    pressure   irrigation  system   (down  to  7  psi   at   the  sprinkler  head), reducing your pumping costs.

Otech componentry has been cleverly designed and standardised resulting in limited maintenance, saving you labour, and if required spare parts are very easy to source. The Otech Centre Pivot is available in low, standard and high clearance to suit your crop and application.




dsc01940 But most importantly, Otech Centre Pivots are simple and easy to use. At the flick of a  switch  your  machine  will  do  the work for you, saving  you  labour  and  time.  A control  panel with synoptic view,  LED lights and icons show the current operational settings  of  the  machine.  The tele-mechanic  control  components  have been field tested  for  50  million  contacts  in  the  harshest  climate, and  adhere  to  the  strict Australian electrical standards.

As an upgrade from the standard control panel, the Dositech can offer you position and sectoral control, along with remote management control.

Otech Centre Pivots are fitted with the best sprinkler packages of the industry (Nelson and Senninger), to match your soil and crop requirements, and to guarantee a high watering uniformity of up to 98%. Otech Centre Pivots will save you water, and increase your yield.